Former Darien resident Sandy Kaynor died on Thursday, April 19, from gunshot wounds sustained in a 2012 gang-related attack near his New Orleans residence.

According to,  an affiliate of the Times-Picayune in Lousiana, Kaynor Jr., 58, was paralyzed and severely brain damaged in the attack and had been struggling with complications from his injuries. reports Kaynor, an attorney, was outside his home in October 2012 when three members of the Marley Gang shot him twice, sending bullets through his chest and back. The men took his wallet, stepped over his body and ransacked his home, where Kaynor’s wife and eight-year-old daughter slept. They took computers, cameras and cellphones before fleeing in Grace Kaynor’s car as Sandy lay bleeding in the driveway, the website reported.

Charles “Mob Chuck” Carter Jr., who was 16 at the time of the shootings, received a life plus 362-year sentence, while Byron “Poodie Man” Johnson, then 18, and Devante “Tae Banger” Billy, 20, received decades-long sentences for their roles in the attacks.

If officials determine Kaynor’s death is a homicide, the men could face murder charges and even longer sentences, reported.

Kaynor attended St. Paul’s School and Yale University. He was a member of Wee Burn Country Club. A funeral will be held in New Orleans on April 28. A burial service is expected to be held at St. Luke’s in Darien at a later date.

A Facebook page was created in his name at

Sanford Bull Kaynor Jr. was the son of longtime Darien residents Sanford Bull Kaynor and Laura Sanford Kaynor. His father, who died in 2010, was a member of Wee Burn Country Club and St. Luke’s Church in Darien. He also served on the town’s Board of Finance. His mother died in November 2017.

Kaynor is survived by his wife, Grace (Williams) Kaynor of New Orleans, his children, James Granville Kaynor and Phoebe Anne Cox Kaynor, a sister and a brother and several nieces and nephews. See his full obituary here.