Darien reported flooding in several areas after heavy rains Saturday, according to Selectman Susan Marks, acting as first selectman with Jayme Stevenson out of town.

Flooding occurred in parts of Tokeneke, Rings End Bridge,Five Mile River road and the entrance of Noroton Bay and Weed Beach, she said.

"This all happened due to an extremely high tide along with winds and the recent full moon," Marks told The Darien Times Saturday evening.

The water is now receding and the flooding is improving, she said.

"The Darien Police Department along with the DPW (Department of Public Works)  and fire departments were on the scene and keep everything moving along as quickly as possible," Marks said.

Marks added two cars also got stuck in the flooded waters but those in the cars were fine. Noroton Fire responded with its "sea legs" vehicle and evacuated the cars' passengers with Post 53 on the scene.

This is the third incident of flooding in Darien in the last several weeks. Storms at the end of September and early October caused flooding in several areas including Noroton Heights.