It must be spring — because the Farmer’s Market has returned to downtown Darien.

The market, which has been running for over 20 years, is made up of a collection of various vendor’s tents, and is situated in a roped off plot in the parking lot of Goodwives Shopping Center. It’s right towards the front entrance so you can’t miss it. Many of the vendors have been coming down to Darien for this Farmer’s Market for years, including Amanda Sedor, who estimates that she has been participating for “over 10 years.” Sedor, who is the daughter of Judi Sedor, the main organizer behind the annual Farmer’s Market in Darien, joined her family’s business, Newgate Farms, because “she grew up doing it –– it’s my family.” Newgate Farms has existed since 1933, in its home of East Granby, Connecticut.

And Newgate Farms is just one of the local farms that contribute to the Darien Farmer’s Market, Smith Acres, Gazy Brothers Farms, Whistlestop Bakery, River Bank Farm, Woodland Farm, and Ox Hollow Farm are also sellers there. I got the chance to speak with Amanda Sedor of Newgate Farms and Yoko Takemura of River Bank Farm in Roxbury, Connecticut. When asked about why she continues to come to Darien each year, Sedor replied that “we [Newgate Farms] enjoy coming here, and we love our other vendors that are our friends here.” Sedor then went on to explain the appeal of a Farmer’s Market by saying “you get to know the farmer, the person who grew the food for you. As much as it’s our job, we enjoy it; we take great pride in producing a product that people want to come back and buy.”

Takemura, who returned for her third year with River Bank Farm at Darien’s Farmer’s Market, said she specifically liked coming down to Darien so much because “it’s a little more relaxed; it has a nice pace to it. It’s never ridiculously busy so you have the time to really chat with people. It’s really nice to actually get to know the customers.”

As the season progresses, more produce and flowering plants will be available, so take some time out of your busy Wednesday to check out the locally grown goods from 11 am to 4 pm and head home with some great, organic finds to share with your friends and family. By the way, try the greens and beans salad with toasted quinoa from River Bank Farm and make sure to snag some free pie samples from Whistlestop Bakery –– you won’t regret it!

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