Darien’s governmental arms each have a specific purview and authoritative power. You can read these at length in Darien’s municipal codes. The RTM can only vote on what it is presented. In this Monday’s case, there are a lot of important votes, but keep in mind only those specific votes can be addressed.
A petition and a campaign is being circulated to urge the RTM to vote no because of objections to the plans that have already been voted on by the respective bodies. One of the reasons for voting no is that there hasn't been enough discussion on the plans.

A sample over the last two years:

• Extended public hearings delay parks master plan vote

• Letter: Darien Parks Rec officials seek to correct misinformation on town survey

Neighbors recommend passive uses for Ox Ridge Hunt Club town purchased land

• Residents react to draft of parks master plan Ox Ridge proposal

• Neighbors push back against proposals for town-owned land at Ox Ridge Hunt Club/

• Editorial: Ox Ridge neighbors shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth

• Parks & Rec to hold public hearing Wednesday on master plan; postpone opening event

• Letter: More than only neighbors want passive use at hunt club

• Selectmen will establish special permit for Ox Ridge plans

• Selectmen accept design plans for Ox Ridge field

• Top ten stories of 2017: Discussion of use of Ox Ridge land

• Selectmen delay vote on Ox Ridge

• Planning & Zoning Commissioners discuss Ox Ridge plans

• Letter: Ox Ridge passive use proponents ask selectmen to reconsider plans

• UPDATE: Ox Ridge usage application filed; input welcomed

• Ox Ridge passive recreation proponents urge support at hearing Tuesday

• At Planning & Zoning: Neighbors respond to Highland Farm plans

A June 2018 Planning & Zoning public hearing on the property

• Editorial: The facts on Highland Farm/
Regardless of what you feel about whether or not Highland Farm’s plans are appropriate for the space, or whether those plans are in accordance with the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, or whether other boards have done enough due diligence, or enough public hearings have been held, or if the town needs more fields or not, or whether crop circles to communicate with UFOs would be a better use of the property — those conversations have been had by the boards that have the appropriate authority to have them. The boards that make decisions for town-owned property.
The RTM is scheduled Monday, June 10, at 8 p.m.  to vote on whether or not money for appropriations in front of that body is acceptable to that body. On an expenditure. Not a program, not a policy, not a land use, not a zoning use.
A monetary expenditure.
That's all.