Editorial: Primaries

Yes, it is nearly mid-August and it's the time of year when many of us slow down. Work-wise, schedule-wise, obligation-wise.

For Connecticut residents, however, Aug. 14, next Tuesday, is when we select our candidates for crucial state offices. Why the sleepiest month of the year is the time when one of the most important votes is scheduled is anyone’s guess. But it remains the case, and being on vacation or in summer mode is no reason to ignore it.

Both Democrats and Republicans will choose their candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer and attorney general. In Darien, residents will also choose their Republican candidate to face off against the Democratic candidate, Matt Blumenthal, for state rep of the 147th District.

Democrats have held control of the state’s government for years, as well as the governor’s office. Should Republicans wish to change that, and given the state of the state for the last eight years they should, they need to participate.

Unfortunately, primary turnout is notoriously low, and even more so in Fairfield County. The bulk of high-income Connecticut residents, which also happens to be the bulk of state Republicans, reside in Fairfield County. It is not a stretch to think that the bulk of those with disposable income are those who travel during the summer months or have the time and financial flexibility to do so. In other worlds, Republicans are likely to be less available mid-August.

Republicans need to put up, or shut up —  to cut to the chase.

While we are not making specific endorsements, we are endorsing your participation. It is up to you, the Darien and Connecticut electorate, to not only research, but to vote your conscience. Most of all, it is up to you to vote. By November, the choice for candidate is out of your hands.

If you want a seat at the table in Hartford, next Tuesday is the time for you to make a reservation.

Among Republican choices next Tuesday is a familiar face.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, who is seeking the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, has tirelessly put forward her efforts in Darien for years, both as a volunteer and as the town’s leader. While many towns and cities in Connecticut suffer the challenges of high taxes and lost services, Darien continues to thrive. It not only has managed its mill rate increases, it put forward a decrease in the last budget vote.

She has not just focused on Darien’s internal management but has made sure Darien is well-represented on the state level with her leadership in the Western Connecticut Council of Governments. She has offered testimony in Hartford on Darien’s behalf when it has often felt that this town and the rest of Fairfield County is left behind. She has taken leadership on the state’s opioid crisis, saying it would be a priority should she prevail.

Ms. Stevenson would serve the state well as its next lieutenant governor.

Connecticut voters have an important role to play next Tuesday and it should be treated as such. We get the government we deserve.

Don’t make excuses on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Make a difference — the difference Connecticut needs.