What are you thankful for?

As Thanksgiving once again approaches, and with it the start to another whirlwind holiday season, it’s a reminder to count one’s blessings. And a reminder to not do it once a year, but once a day.

Maybe once an hour.

The world offers us reminders every day of how bad things could be. If we have our health, our family, a roof over our head, food in our refrigerators, heat to keep us warm — yes, we are blessed.

And while many in Fairfield County appear to be comfortable and are also generous with food donations — especially during the holidays — there are many who are not.

It’s hard to imagine for some that there are nearby friends and neighbors who might be struggling to buy groceries, pay utility bills, afford to pay for the average after-school activities for their children, and feel an ache in their stomach thinking about Christmas presents.

Yet, even those who might struggle, they can be blessed with family, with their health, and with those whom they love.

What’s important is to remember how each of us is blessed, and not to dwell in what we do not have.

For dwelling in what we do not have squanders what we have today.

This Thanksgiving, account for your blessings, total them up, and consider how to pass them on.

It’s the best gift you can give this holiday season — a true symbol of gratitude for all that we have today is to understand all that we can share tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.