Darien’s Heather Raker is spearheading efforts to raise funds for the Mather Homestead to restore the historic home’s colonial gardens.

The Mather Homestead  was built in 1778 and owned by the Mather family through seven generations, until 2017 when it was donated to The Mather Homestead Foundation thanks to the generosity of the McPherson family.  

The home is rich in history and open for public enjoyment and education.  Stephen Mather, great-grandson of Deacon Joseph Mather, was an environmentalist and the founder and first Director of our National Parks Service. The original garden, which was designed by Stephen Mather himself, included both native plants and specimens from his work across the United States with National Park Service.

In the fall of 2017, Mather Homestead volunteers and board members undertook to clean up the gardens, and they’re now ready for the restoration phase of the organization’s plan.

For more information on the Mather Homestead’s garden restoration project or to donate, please visit: https://theimpactvine.org/project/help-us-restore-gardens-mather-homestead/

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The Community Fund of Darien is an independent, volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to securing the local safety net by funding critical local needs and developing new initiatives for unmet needs in Darien, Stamford and Norwalk.

For more information on The Community Fund of Darien,  visit www.CommunityFundDarien.org. For more information on The Impact Vine, visit www.TheImpactVine.org .