Darien's Joshua House Fund kicks off the Phantom Ball

This year the Joshua House Fund, Inc. organization once again has sent invitations to volunteers and supporters in town asking them to enjoy an evening at home to raise money for its mission of helping the impoverished right here in the United States.  

The primary source of funding for this program comes from The Phantom Ball.

“It’s the generosity of those in town who have made this unique program, a stay-at-home fundraiser that ensures donations go directly to the building project, possible” commented Barb Luby, president of the Joshua House Fund.

Instead of buying a fancy dress or tux, Joshua House invites Darienites to spend a quiet evening of their choosing at home and donate the money they would have spent on a night out to JHF.

The Phantom Ball kicked off in early April to raise funds that will enable a new group of Darien students, along with a parent, to spend a week of their vacation this June in McCreary County, Kentucky, building a home for a family in need. The group is a local non-profit started here almost 20 years ago that has quietly made a difference in one of the poorest regions in the United States.

Over 188 Darien volunteers have made the trip and built more than 23 homes in the area. It is hard work, but the volunteers find it very rewarding.

"The experiences I had in Kentucky with Joshua House were unforgettable. We take so much for granted here. Nothing makes you appreciate the importance of a clean and safe home that provides stability and a future for a family, than spending a week building a house that represents this hope. Each year, when a new group arrives, they see how our work has dramatically changed lives,”  stated Patrick Wolf, teen volunteer.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more information, go to joshuahousefund.org