Darien’s 2020 committee to assess costs

Plans, plans, and more plans — lots of work is going into Darien’s 2020 celebration next year.
At the 2020 subcommittee of the Monuments and Ceremonies Commission on June 12, committee Chairman Alan Miller said the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance requested that the committee provide an estimate of what it expects to receive from donations for the celebration. The boards are asking for this information by August.
“Hopefully, it will be just a very, very rough estimate,” Miller said. “Everybody who is on a subcommittee think about getting some kind of estimate together by the third week in July or the next meeting.”
The town needs “to know what kind of money is coming in, an estimate of the cost for each committee — of what they’re planning to do, and then a hope as to how much money they’re planning to raise to fill that cost,” he added.
The three Darien High School students who recently designed the town’s 200th anniversary logo would like to be involved in the merchandising of it, including the promotion of T-shirts. 
Direct mail, Weed Beach
Members made a unanimous motion for $2,500 to be earmarked for the first mailing of the Every Day Direct Mail Save the Date card for the town’s anniversary celebrations.
The Weed Beach Festival will be June 6. 
Historical marker project
There are about 13 sites around town that have historical significance. Committee members are tentatively planning on visiting these sites in the hope of having them be a part of the 2020 events.
“The town or Parks and Rec will need to approve them, or Board of Education — depending upon where they are located,” Miller said. “The committee will be making a presentation to the [boards].”
Anniversary dates
The committee made a unanimous motion for Jan. 10 and 11 to be the opening events for the town’s 200th anniversary.
Members also made a unanimous motion to have Darien’s bicentennial anniversary day opening ceremony at the Thaddeus Bell Gravesite Slasham Cemetery on June 12.
The committee made a unanimous motion to have Darien’s Heritage Day on Saturday, June 13, with a rain date on June 20.
Town involvement
Committee members are putting together tentative plans to make the anniversary celebrations an entire town encompassing project. They’ll be providing suggestions on how residents can participate.