At neighbors’ request, there will soon be a speed hump on Sylvan Road in Darien.

At the Jan. 9 Police Commission Special meeting, police unanimously approved the addition of the speed hump.

Police Capt. Don Anderson said that over the last 12 months, police have received a unanimous petition from the residents of Sylvan Road to explore the possibility of adding a speed hump or two.

“We did request WestCOG (Western Connecticut Council of Governments) to do a speed study on Sylvan Road for us, which they conducted in November,” Anderson said.

The results of this study “supports” residents’ belief that “traffic goes faster than it should in that short section of Sylvan Road,” according to Anderson.

Sylvan Road is “problematic” to do radar enforcement on, he added. “It’s narrow. It’s short. But there are people getting up into the 50-mile-an-hour range on occasion on that road, based on the speed study that they did,” Anderson said.

In addition, “the vast majority of the traffic is traveling faster than the posted speed limit of 25,” he said.

“That in itself is not surprising,” he added.

He therefore suggested that the town install one speed hump on Sylvan Road to match those that are on Birch.

“I do think one would solve the issue being reported by the residents and I think that they would be very appreciative of having that,” Anderson said.

He will work with Public Works Director Ed Gentile in the spring, and go out with the residents to determine the best spot for a speed hump for all involved.