Darien man arrested after allegedly threatening to kill 30 people via text

Zachary Comboni
Zachary Comboni

A 28-year-old Darien resident was arrested at the beginning of September for allegedly threatening via text message to kill dozens of people, his arrest warrant reveals.

Darien Police included the arrest of Zachary Comboni of Tokeneke Road in their weekly police report, but the warrant application reveals more details.

Comboni was investigated by the Darien Police after receiving a tip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the arrest warrant, a Florida man alleged he received a text from Comboni on Aug. 31 saying he was going “to kill thirty (30) people before I die. I will kill your girlfriend. I will kill you.”

Comboni is a fan of the Florida man’s band, the arrest warrant states, and Darien Police reported the complaint came through as a mass shooting through the FBI’s online tip line.

According to Darien Police, they have had previous interactions with Comboni, who lives with his mother in the Tokeneke Road residence.

Darien Police ran both Comboni and his mother through the weapons registry and found no records of either owning firearms.

The police then reported to his residence, but there was no answer. They attempted to reach Comboni’s mother, but were unable to reach her. The property owner was also unreachable. Darien Police then contacted Comboni’s cell phone carrier which traced his whereabouts.

In the meantime, the police followed up with the Florida victim to see if he could assist with Comboni’s location. The Florida man said he knew nothing about Comboni other than he lives in Darien. The victim said he was less concerned with his and his girlfriend’s safety and that Comboni would travel to Florida than he was concerned with those in Comboni’s immediate vicinity.

Darien Police eventually were able to gain access to the apartment and located Comboni in his bedroom. According to the arrest warrant, Comboni did not have any weapons on his person nor were any weapons found in the house. He allegedly told police he had gotten drunk the night before and sent some texts to the victim he didn’t mean. Comboni told Darien Police he was a fan of the victim’s band and the two had originally chatted on Facebook before moving to text after the victim gave Comboni his phone number.

At the time, Comboni’s Facebook page was deactivated and he allegedly denied the officers’ request to reactivate it as he has posted song lyrics and didn’t want them misinterpreted as his actual feelings, officers said.

A Zach Comboni who lives in Darien and who appears to be the same individual currently has an active Facebook page. His Facebook name is Zach Comboni (Declaration of a Headhunter) and his last status is dated Sept. 1, the day after the threatening texts were sent:

I truly believe anyone with an issue with me ... is due to the fact I’m great at pinging people or nailing them down for exactly who & what they are. And I’ll challenge them to do better ... anyone who can’t handle it is very weak-minded is the last I’ll say.”

Sample of texts were included with the arrest warrant. One said, “if it wasn’t music driving me, I prob would kill people as a sick thrill.” Another excerpt of a text said “I’ll murder you lol.”

Darien Police then received permission from Comboni to review his text messages. The arrest warrant reports Comboni texted “I’d kill at least 30 people before being caught. I’m the (expletive).”

He also texted he would smash the victim’s girlfriend in the face.

Comboni further texted “you weren’t wrong about me being a psycho but I channel it towards music and ill [sic] destroy you.” He later added “Got any idea what level my playing is at? Or how [expletive] insane I am. I’d murder you.”

Darien Police noted in the arrest report that Comboni later told the victim he was kidding.

Police alleged that Comboni was in possession of medication not prescribed to him.

Upon learning his bail was set at $100,000, Comboni said he was having thoughts of harming himself. He was evaluated by Post 53, and then dispatched to Norwalk Hospital.

Comboni also has another case pending in the court system that is sealed. There is a previous arrest warrant in his name in court filings for breach of peace and harassment in July 2017. In that arrest warrant, Comboni was accused of repeatedly sending sexually graphic and harassing text messages to an employee of a Tokeneke Road business despite being repeatedly told to stop. The harassment continued despite various number blockings and changes. Finally, Darien Police were called when Comboni allegedly was throwing empty beer bottles from the window of his second floor Tokeneke Road apartment. He reported to the Darien Police Department on July 6, 2017, and allegedly admitted to the texts, but said he was trying to throw the empty bottles into the sidewalk garbage can.

It is unclear if the sealed case is that arrest.

Comboni currently remains in custody. His next court date for both docket files is Oct. 11. His attorney from the law firm Papcsy Janosov Roche told The Darien Times he had just taken the case on and didn’t have enough information to comment yet.