Update: According to court documents, the case against Cody Zimmer was dismissed.

A Darien man was arrested after allegedly attempting to strangle his victim in a domestic incident.

On June 21, Darien Police officers were dispatched to a residence in regards to an active domestic incident. Officers were advised that the caller had hung up the phone twice and was now not answering return calls. Upon arrival, the victim was in the driveway flagging down responding officers. The victim stated the suspect, later identified as Cody Zimmer, 44, was in the residence with two minor children.

When asked what happened, the victim stated they had gotten into an argument and that Zimmer lost his temper. Officers went inside the residence to speak with Zimmer. Once inside, officers made contact with Zimmer, who had the odor of alcohol emitting from his person and seemed to have trouble standing. When asked, Zimmer stated he and the victim got in an argument over a missed flight, but denied the argument ever became physical.


Officers interviewed the victim who stated Zimmer had become physical with them. The argument allegedly started over a missed flight which the victim believed occurred due to Zimmer’s intoxication. The victim alleged that Zimmer began to call them obscenities, head-butted them, and pushed them to the ground. The victim told Darien Police they tried to call 9-1-1 but Zimmer twice took the phone from their hands.

The victim was able to break free from Zimmer, and attempted to run for the front door. Zimmer allegedly caught up to the victim, grabbed them by the hair, and dragged them up the stairs. Zimmer then allegedly struck the victim several times in the back of the head with a closed fist. Zimmer allegedly placed his hands around the victim’s neck and attempted to strangle them.

The victim again tried to break free, but Zimmer grabbed them and Darien Police said he stuck his finger in their eye forcefully. The victim was able to finally escape and ran out to the driveway.

When asked again about the altercation becoming physical, police said Zimmer became agitated and changed his story several times. It was determined that the minor children were present for, and witnessed, police said, the above incident.

Zimmer was placed under arrest for third degree assault, third degree strangulation, interfering with an emergency call and risk of injury to a minor.

He was transported to headquarters where he was processed. Zimmer was released after posting a $25,000 bond. Zimmer is due in court on June 24.

Mark Sherman, Zimmer’s Stamford criminal defense attorney, would not comment on case specifics but pointed out “these are just allegations which will likely be sorted out in Court in what should be a fair disposition.”