Stand up paddleboard  classes have begun at the Darien YMCA. The Y offers a variety of classes including PaddleFit Intro, SUP fitness, SUP yoga, and SUP pilates. Registration is available online or at the front desk. Unlike many stand up paddleboard rental establishments, the Y paddleboard programs are taught by the best instructors, emphasize fitness, and use only high-quality boards tailored for paddleboard workouts in a safe, serene location.

The YMCA offers the tranquil Holly Pond as the backdrop for these classes. Because Holly Pond is a sheltered inlet, the waters are more docile than those of the Long Island Sound, making stand up paddleboarding much easier and a wide variety of SUP fitness classes and workouts possible. In addition, all SUP instructors at the Darien Y are First Aid and Lifeguard certified, as well as Paddlefit certified, making them experts in both fitness and safety.

The YMCA also uses only the best boards for their SUP programs. The Y’s paddleboards are Boga brand, which are made from bamboo to ensure stability, buoyancy, and mobility in the water. These boards are specifically created for SUP yoga, designed by yogis to be flat and therefore maximize the balance of the user. Other brands of paddleboards that are used elsewhere are rounded and don’t support the same variety of fitness activity.

For more information on SUP at the Darien Y, visit or contact Jess Van Sciver at