The Darien Y is offering small group training geared for both middle school and high school students. Designed for groups of friends that students select themselves, Small Group Training at the Darien Y is intended to make teens stronger, fitter and faster whether they are currently an athlete or just enjoy working out.

Small group training packages are available for groups of 3 to 5 to train once or twice per week with a personal trainer, in workouts tailored to the participants’ preferences and skill levels. Teens age 13 through 18 who sign up for small group training can choose the time they want to work out and who they want to workout with, all while receiving personalized instruction from a certified Darien Y personal trainer.  The Darien Y Wellness Center will select a trainer that is appropriate for the group based on their interests and abilities.

Small group training has many benefits for participants.  Small groups are friends helping friends achieve their goals at an affordable price – each session can cost as little as $35.  The camaraderie of working out with friends can also provide a feeling of accomplishment which is much more rewarding than playing video games or texting.  

To find out more about small group training and how to sign up, click here or email the Darien Y’s Wellness Center, at