Darien Police responded to the theft of personal property at the Darien Library at 11:30 a.m. Friday. Darien Times staff were at the library when the theft occurred. Darien Times Associate Editor Sandra Fox was at the library at the time, and said she heard reaction coming from the front desk, and library staff telling a man, "You can't take that." Fox said she watched the man walk out of the library with what a staff member later said was a laptop.

A female staff member immediately followed the man outside.

The man wore a very large backpack on his back, according to Fox.

Staff called police, who responded shortly after.

There was a small gathering of library staff members and police, right outside the library, where police were questioning staff. Police also came inside the library to ask more questions, Fox said.

Darien Police Lt. James Palmieri confirmed to The Darien Times allegedly "there was a theft of personal property, and the suspect is in custody. It’s still under investigation at this point."