Darien Monument of the Month: Volunteer Firefighters' Monument

Sculpted by Will Osborne and located on the Post Road between the playing fields and Spring Grove Cemetery, the Volunteer Firefighters’ Monument was conceived by a private citizen, John LaRock who upon moving to Darien was so impressed by the services of the Town’s volunteer firefighters that he wanted to do something to commemorate their efforts.

The monument depicts a fireman dressed with full gear cradling a small child in his arms while the child looks to the fireman for comfort. The monument is centered in a paved concrete circle with two access paths separated by flora. Behind the monument is a semi-circular stone wall with a slate top. It should be noted that this was the first Monument in the town of Darien approved from start to finish by the Monuments and Ceremonies Commission.

Dedication reads: To our Brave Volunteer Firefighters Past and Present From a Grateful Community. This monument was privately funded and the dedication ceremony was held on Oct. 7, 2000.

Behind the stone wall, a lighted flagpole and three trees were added at a later date.