Muriel DeCesare celebrated her birthday on Jan. 10 at Maplewood. She was born in Manhattan to Christian and Louise Braun, and was the youngest of three siblings (and the only girl). Her father died later that year in the flu epidemic of 1918, leaving her mother to work multiple jobs in order to support the family.

At 16, she lost her mother to a stroke and spent a short time in a church home until her older brother could take her in. Muriel went to work at an early age and didn’t stop until she was in her mid-60s. She married for the first time while working at Avon, retired and moved to Connecticut where her husband, Lou DeCesare, had a home. She traveled extensively throughout her life, both across the U.S. and around the world. After her husband passed away, Muriel volunteered at the hospital. Although the family is small, she is loved dearly by them all and has always been extremely generous towards them, her family said.