The Darien League of Women Voters held its Annual Meeting on May 25 at the Darien Country Club.  The official meeting was followed by a luncheon and a presentation by Clyde White on the political non-profit group, No Labels.

The following League members were approved for the 2017-18 Board of Directors: Co-presidents Gwen Mogenson and Clara Sartori, first vice-president for voters service; Nancy Cahoon, second vice president for program, Karla Coe, Martha Banks, Ann Ferris, Sandy Filmer, Mary Ellen Moore and Deepika Saksena, co-treasurers, Stephanie Maher and Liz Mao, secretarial team, Sue Spain and Laurie Williamson, candidates’ night, Nancy Cahoon, Voters’ Guide, Carolyn Bayne and Martha Banks, government guide, Nina Miller, food for thought, Karla Coe, hospitality, Sandy McDonnell and Adele Conniff, legislative interviews, Joyce Critelli, membership, Jean Sweeney and Betsy Shay, nominating, Sue Okie, social media, Jim Cameron, newsprint and spotlight, Joan Davis, and tech support, Deepika Saksena. Directors at large include Mary Genco, Kate Larson, Laura Mosher, Enid Oresman, Callie Sullivan, Carter Taylor, Barbara Thorne, Arlene Tulacro and Mimi Van Dyke. The budget for 2017-18 was also approved.

At the luncheon, attended by more than 40 League members and guests, Clyde White discussed the origins and purpose of this organization.  No Labels was founded in 2010 with the goal of getting our government to work again.  The co-chairmen are former Senator Joe Lieberman and former Governor John Huntsman. In Mr. White’s opinion because there is so much energy on the far right and far left in this country, there is no compromising and nothing is accomplished. To fight this situation No Labels has created a Problem Solving Caucus of forty centrist congressmen, twenty Democrats and twenty Republicans to act as a voting block to pass sensible legislation which the extremes are trying to block.  Congressman Jim Himes is a member of this group.

One important role of No Labels members is to reach out to their elected representatives when they feel strongly about a piece of legislation. Another important mission is to publicize the organization and let people know how they can influence policy.

Clyde pointed out that No Labels has members in every Congressional district and this support is growing. He invited the audience to join No Labels for an annual fee of $10.  Members receive a newsletter with invitations to No Labels events and the organization’s perspective on current events and pending legislation.

The league always welcomes new members. Membership is open to all men and women, 16 years and older.  To join, go to and click “Join Us”