The Darien Housing Authority (DHA) is looking for a new commissioner. Those who are interested in this volunteer position may contact the First Selectmen’s office.

The DHA’s current commissioner, Lorraine Golino, has stepped down from the position.

The DHA meets once a month and oversees the management of The Heights and Old Town Hall Homes.

“We need someone who is a team player and somebody who understands what the role of a commissioner is,” said DHA’s Chairman Joe Warren at Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

The DHA doesn’t get involved in the intricacies of town projects, according to Warren.

“The DHA doesn’t manage The Heights nor Old Town Hall Homes. We hire a company to do that,” Warren said. “The worst thing we could do as members of the Housing Authority is to micromanage those projects.”

He added that the DHA instead focuses its energy on policy issues.

“We need to make sure that the management company is fulfilling their responsibility,” he said. “We need to review what the management company is doing.”