On March 27, at approximately 10 a.m., the Darien High School administration made the School Resource Officer aware of an image that had been circulating amongst students and causing concern. A group of concerned students had brought the image to the attention of a member of the Darien High School administration, police said. Detectives responded to Darien High School to investigate further. The image in question was determined to be of an identified Darien High School student allegedly holding what appeared to be a firearm, according to Darien Police.
An interview with the student and parent revealed that the firearm was a bb-gun and that the image wasn’t meant to be threatening in nature, police said. It was initially sent to a small number of people and no threat was ever made or implied. Detectives would later take possession of the bb-gun, they said. Based on the alleged alarm and concern caused by the circulation of the image, Darien Police the student was issued a juvenile summons for the above charge.