Darien High School graduate Theresa Claire (Bosies) Robbins, Class of ‘96,  will debut her new card game in front of the Darien Toy Box during this year's Sidewalk Sales.

The LoveSnax Game of Mixed Emotions consists of 64 cards grouped by emotion type. Yellow Sun cards represent high energy comfortable feelings like, excited, happy, and cheerful. Red Hearts represent high energy uncomfortable feelings like angry, frustrated and hungry. Blue Clouds represent uncomfortable low energy feelings like sad, shy, and tired. Green Clovers represent the low energy comfortable feelings like calm, patient, and safe.

• Sidewalk Sales and Family Fun Days will return this weekend 

This game comes after almost two years that Robbins spent working with Child Psychologist, Melanie Pearl, Ph.D. in Ridgefield. The two researched and tested products to address the social and emotional needs of children. The Positive Impact of Social and Emotional Learning for Kindergarten to Eighth-Grade Students report from Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) shows the numerable benefits for teaching kids about how to express their emotions in a healthy way including improved "attitudes about self and others, connection to school, positive social behavior, and academic performance; they also reduced students’ conduct problems and emotional distress.

The LoveSnax Game is designed to get the conversation started about emotions in a fast, easy, and fun way. The cute characters allow kids to relate their own feelings to an imaginary experience that the character card is depicting. It is a non-threatening way for kids to open up.

The cards can also be used as conversation starters.  It is easier to show someone your feelings than it is to say it.

Robbins will be selling the first 50 limited edition LoveSnax Games Thursday, July 6 through Saturday, July 8. at Darien Toy Box, 1064 Boston Post Road. The game will sell for $25.

For more information, please visit LoveSnax.com or call Theresa Claire Robbins, 203-571-2030