Capt. John Lawlor is retiring from the Darien Police Department on March 1. Police Chief Ray Osborne reflected on the more than three decades he worked with Lawlor, who served 33 years for the department.
“He and I came up through the ranks together. I came on in 1983, he came in 1985,” Osborne said. “We’ve worked very closely together over the years.”
Lawlor served the department “extremely well” in a number of different roles, Osborne added.
Lawlor was a patrol officer, sergeant, and lieutenant, prior to being promoted to captain nearly two years ago.
He was also in the training division of the department for a number of years, according to Osborne, and “served very capably there.”
It will be several months before the department hires a replacement for Lawlor.
“We have a whole testing process,” Onsborne said. “We need to give promotional tests, which will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. There is quite a bit of work to prepare.”
While Osborne said Lawlor has many great assets, he said this friend’s strongest one is his “level-headedness.”
“It’s very difficult to get John frazzled,” Osborne said, adding that this is a “great” quality to have. “He’s always calm, cool and collected.”
Osborne further said that Lawlor is a “good resource” for him and gives “good advice.”
He added that Lawlor is “very well respected” with everyone in the department.
Recalling Lawlor’s many years in the department, Osborne said his friend did a “terrific job” when he took over as division commander of the training division, about eight years ago.
“He expanded that role and did a really good job of organizing things,” Osborne said, adding that this job involves keeping the training records of every police officer, and making sure everyone is up to date.
Lawlor has been active in other parts of the department, as well, including being a member of the scuba team and emergency response team.
Also, he has won the top shot three times in the sharp shooter competition. This is a department wide competition.
“He is a very, very good friend,” Osborne said. “I will miss him.”