Corbin development gets new name, website

The Corbin Project, a mixed-use redevelopment spanning from Corbin Drive to the Bank of America building on Post Road, has recently been given a new name and website.
It’s now called The Corbin District.
“We had been referring to the project casually for years as The Corbin Project, and we wanted to create a name for the project that was respectful of the past, but forward-looking,” said David Genovese, president of Baywater Properties in Darien, a commercial real estate company serving Fairfield County, Connecticut, Westchester County, and New York. Genovese led the recently approved project.
In addition, Genovese said he plans to preserve the Corbin logo, which is the cursive Corbin name on the side of the 10 Corbin building.
“We have heard from many people in town...that they love the Corbin logo on the 10 Corbin Drive building, so we will be looking for a way to preserve that logo and re-utilize it on one of the buildings in the new project.”
The development also has a new website,, where updates on its leasing activity will be shared on a regular basis.
ConnDot meeting
On Wednesday, Jan. 30, Baywater properties will be meeting with the Connecticut Department of Transportation for the State of Connecticut (ConnDoT) in connection with the last approval that’s required to proceed with the project.
“This is required when a private developer builds 200 or more parking spaces on property along a state highway, such as US 1,” Genovese said.
He added that this is similar to the process that Whole Foods went through when they built the new Whole Food Market in Darien at Ledge Road and the Post Road.
“This approval process could take up to six or nine months, or as few as four,” Genovese said. “We could not go to ConnDoT for this approval until we had all necessary approvals in hand from the Town of Darien's Planning & Zoning Commission and other land use boards, which we received in November of 2018.”
As soon as Baywater Properties has the final approvals from ConnDOT, they will begin preparing construction drawings. They expect to begin construction within four months of that approval, according to Genovese.
“We are working now to tie down the remaining loose ends on the project, including developing our plans for relocating existing tenants,” he said.
Power lines
Baywater Properties is working with EverSource in developing a plan to relocate the above-ground power lines from along the Boston Post Road, so that they will be hidden from view.
“Penny Glassmeyer [of PG properties] did this when she built Grove Street Plaza and we are trying to do the same for our downtown project,” Genovese said.
Focus groups
The Corbin District is hosting a series of focus groups, in which it will collectively brainstorm about the restaurants, retailers, and fitness concepts Darien residents want to see in town.
Those who are interested in participating in one of the focus group dinners may visit Your Downtown Darien on Facebook and send a private message. To date, a recent Facebook post on Your Downtown Darien about the new development received 29 comments from those who are interested in coming to a focus group.
Baywater Properties has developed its marketing materials for the project and has begun marketing the retail and restaurant spaces, as well as the office space, according to Genovese. “We have met with an incredibly favorable response thus far,” said Genovese, adding that he is “very encouraged by the initial feedback received.”