August monument of the month: The Michael J. DeLeonardis Memorial Monument

Photo - Dave Polett
Photo — Dave Polett

The Michael J. DeLeonardis (1907-1971) Memorial Monument contains a 12x18 inch Bronze cast plaque on a 36-inch wide by 24 inch high sandstone marker located to the right of the boat ramp at Pear Tree Point Beach and was donated by the Rotary Club of Darien. Mr. DeLeonardis served as the building inspector for the Town of Darien. The dedication ceremony was held on June 12, 1972 and a photo of Mrs. DeLeonardis with First Selectman, James W. Tower; Rotary Club President, Sherwood Moore; and Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. DeLeonardis, Jr. son and daughter-in-law, was published in the Darien Review on Thursday, June 22, 1972.

Mr. Moore turned the plaque over to the town after former Rotary President, Wallace Collamore told of the efforts made to find a suitable way to honor “Mike’s memory.” First Selectman Tower spoke of Mr. DeLeonardis as “devoted to public service and the personification of what Rotary stands for.”

Also, near this location is the Barbara B. Clark (1922-1998) Memorial Bench donated by friends and dedicated on Sept. 1, 2001. Barbara Bruff Clark was a former real estate agent with Country Living Associates in Darien.