A Brooklyn, N.Y., man faces a host of charges after making several attempts to purchase alcohol over the phone from a Heights Road package store.

Jose Battle, 24, was arrested on Nov. 12 and charged with first-degree forgery, criminal attempt to larceny third-degree, criminal impersonation, third-degree identity theft, and interfering with an officer.

The liquor store owner contacted police on Nov. 12, informing detectives that an individual, later identified as Battle, had been attempting to make a large purchase over the phone via credit card. The owner old police that the individual had called on Nov. 8, 9 and 12 asking to purchase a case of Johnny Walker Blue. Police said the caller wanted to meet a delivery driver at a local church, but would pay first over the phone using a credit card.

The owner, feeling the request was suspicious, according to police, put the caller off until finally reaching out to Darien police. A detective, posing as the store owner, made contact with the individual by phone. Police said the caller, identifying himself as “Darren Patrick,” explained he wanted to purchase a case of Johnny Walker Blue. The caller inquired as to what the price would be, and was told the case would cost $2,297.04 (price as given to detectives by the liquor store owner), said police.

The caller asked if the delivery could be made to St. Thomas More Church. When asked why the delivery, police said the caller referenced not having enough room in his vehicle. The caller then gave detectives a credit card number, and the name Darren Patrick. Initially when asked to spell the last name, the caller gave “Patrcik.” When challenged on the spelling, the caller stated it was “spelled just how it sounds.”

The detective asked him if it was spelled “Patrick,” which the caller confirmed. Detectives informed the caller that they would run the card and call him back. Police said the caller called several times to check on the status, at one point attempting to give the detective another card number because the first one “might not work.” A check of the cards showed them as being bank accounts opened in Thailand, said police, and the detectives informed the caller that the transaction was complete.

The caller this time stated he would come to the store and pick up the case of liquor. At approximately 2:43 p.m., detectives were notified that the individual identifying himself as Darren was in the store. Detectives entered the store and made contact with Darren, said police, but Darren was unable to produce the credit card in question, and when asked for identification, provided a North Carolina driver’s license with the name Darren Patrick on it. Without the card in his possession, police said Darren was unable to give detectives the address listed on the identification. When questioned further, the individual explained that he had been paid by someone to pick up the case of liquor after it had been purchased over the phone. When asked who the person was who made the call, police said Darren stated he knew him only as “A.” Darren said he’s known “A” all his life, said police, but was unable to give detectives a full or last name. Darren was then arrested and transported to headquarters, where, according to police, “Darren” identified himself as Jose Battle. Battle was informed that he had been speaking to a detective when attempting to make the purchase, but continued to deny making the call, said police. When detectives called the number that had been used by “Darren” to make the purchase, police said Battle’s phone rang.

Battle was held on a $50,000 bond and was transported to Stamford court the following day.