In October of 1955, a tropical rainstorm dumped over 12 inches of rain on Fairfield County, leading to one of the worst floods in this area’s recorded history.

Brent Colley, a local historian and first selectman of Sharon, will present “Deluge: The Floods of 1955” at the Darien Historical Society on Sunday, Oct. 7, following the Society’s Annual Meeting, which begins at 4 p.m.

During the Society’s annual meeting, members of the organization elect officers and conduct official business. The length of the annual meeting varies, but Colley’s lecture should take place at approximately 4:30 p.m.

In 1955, the worst natural disasters to strike Connecticut since the hurricane of 1938 occurred within a 2-month span. Two hurricanes, one tropical storm and a pair of floods ravaged homes and businesses throughout the state in the months of August and October.

The weather event that severely impacted this area occurred in October, when a four-day tropical storm dumped 12-14 inches of rain on southwest New England. This event was devastating to the local communities along the Norwalk and Saugatuck Rivers. Millions of dollars and several lives were lost as a result of the rains that fell between Friday Oct. 14 and Monday Oct. 17, 1955, Colley said.

Colley, a native of Redding, CT, is a local history expert and developed the website He delivers talks on numerous historical subjects of interest throughout the state, and he is also president and CEO of Colley Web Services, focused on internet marketing and education.

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