On Feb. 4, at about 6:27 p.m., Darien Police officers responded to the Walgreen’s on Heights Road for the report of an assault. A description of the fleeing offending parties was broadcast to responding officers.

A responding officer observed a man in the area fitting the description and detained him. The male, later identified as Keston Charles, 21, of Brooklyn,  informed the officer that he had just come from the Walgreen's with a friend. When asked what his friend’s name was, he stated he only knew him as “Q.” The second suspect was never located.

Officers met with the victim, who is an employee at the Walgreen's. The victim stated he observed two men walk into the store with nothing in their hands. A short time later, they were seen walking out of the store with a garbage bag full of items. The victim followed the two men out of the store and into the parking lot, where he confronted them. It was at this point that the victim stated he was struck in the head by one of the men, causing him to fall to the ground, Darien Police said. The victim sustained minor injuries as a result.

The victim stated they did not actually see the suspect strike him as had been speaking with the second suspect who had possession of the garbage bag. Several eyewitnesses corroborated the victim’s version of events. Video from Walgreen's confirmed that the second, unknown suspect, had possession of the bag as the two men exited.

Based on the above, Charles was charged with second degree robbery, second degree conspiracy to commit robbery, fourth degree larceny, third degree assault, and third degree conspiracy to assault.The Walgreen’s manager gave the total value of the goods found in the bag as $1,658.78.

Charles was processed and held on a $100,000 bond. He was transported to Stamford Court the following day.