On Saturday, April 20, at approximately 5 a.m., a tractor trailer exceeding the posted height of the Boston Post Road railroad bridge in Darien struck the bridge and became wedged underneath.

An MTA spokesman told The Darien Times police responded to the scene; the truck was removed and MTA Police issued a summons to the driver for operation of a motor vehicle under a bridge when motor vehicle exceeds the posted clearance height. The bridge has a posted clearance height of 11’3”, and the truck was 13’6”. There were no injuries reported, the MTA  confirmed. A MetroNorth Railroad bridge inspector responded and found no defects in the bridge or track area.

Witnesses told The Darien Times it took approximately an hour for the truck to be removed.

The frequency of the incidents had been reduced by signs the DOT installed on I-95 near Darien and at exits 11, 12 and 13 in both directions. The yellow signs indicate that Route 1 contains a low bridge. Before those signs went up, the DOT painted  “Low Bridge” warnings onto the exit ramp roads.

Before the signs, it was common for a truck, an RV or a moving truck that was taller than 11 feet, 3 inches to get stuck under the overpass near the train station. Whether the drivers thought their truck was short enough to get under or they ignored the posted signs, it was fairly common for a driver to get stuck on Route 1, the town’s busiest thoroughfare.