Video of Johnny and Lucille Delmonaco counting hair cuts — by Susan Shultz

The Darien Times recently visited with Johnny's & Company in Noroton Heights to talk about Johnny Delmonaco's 60-year career in Darien. July will mark his 61st anniversary since he began cutting hair in Darien.

During the visit, we asked Johnny and his wife Lucille to approximate how many kids' hair cuts the long-time barber and hair stylist had performed — and the number is only rivaled by 61 years of doing it.

Johnny and his wife Lucille said he has, in some cases, cut four generations of many families' hair in Darien — beginning with great-grandfathers on down.

When asked why he got into the business, Johnny said he started right after he got out of the service, and the person who trained him told him he was good at it.

"He said, 'You should keep doing this,'" he said.

And so he has — for six decades.

Stay tuned for our feature story on Johnny's & Company, marking 60 years in Darien, coming soon.

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