On Dec. 31, at approximately 1 p.m., Officers responded to the Verizon Store on the Post Road for the report of the larceny of a phone. The store employee reported it as having just happened. Responding officers were given a description and were able to locate and detain the male and female suspects, later identified as Lawrence Livolsi and Sennas Bayram. Police said Bayram immediately complied with officers’ directions to stop, whereas Livolsi continued to walk away from officers ignoring their directives. Livolsi eventually complied with officer’s instructions to stop and remove his hands from his pockets, police said. As he removed his hands from his pockets, Darien Police said officers saw that he was holding a used hypodermic needle. He was ordered to drop the needle, which he immediately did. Police said a subsequent search of Livolsi revealed a bundle of packaged heroin, a pipe used for smoking crack-cocaine, and a second hypodermic needle (capped). While searching Bayram, police said officers located a cell phone with a security feature attached to it that is usually associated with it being tethered to a display counter. Upon inspecting the phone, officers observed it to be in “demo” mode which is typical of a phone on display at a retail establishment.

When confronted about the phone, Bayram allegedly denied stealing it but offered to pay for it in lieu of being arrested. The phone was positively identified by the manager of the Verizon store as the phone that had been stolen. The phone was a Google Pixle 3 valued at $300.

The suspects had been taken into custody in close proximity to a vehicle they identified as theirs. K9 Kenny performed a free-air sniff of the vehicle, alerting to the presence of narcotics. A search of the vehicle revealed a used syringe, a spoon, and several small plastic baggies with white powder residue on them.

While being interviewed, Bayram gave officers a false name in an attempt to conceal her identity. Both suspects were arrested for the above charges.

Bayram, 26, of Waterbury, was charged with fifth degree larceny, fifth degree conspiracy to larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and narcotics, and interfering with an officer.

Livolsi, 29, of Morris, was charged with fifth degree larceny, possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia.   

Both suspects were transported to headquarters for processing. They were each released on a $7,500 bond and were due in court on Jan. 11.