After being open for about 100 years, the Puritan Stationery is set to close on March 31.
Richard Kim has owned the store for the last 30 years and spoke about his time working in Darien and what’s to come for him.
He started by saying, “I spent a big part of my life here,” and jokingly added, “This is the holy land, we have five churches around here.”
“There’s been a lot of changes since I came here. New people come, old people die.
A lot of generations changed in the area.
Kim then added, “I sold your paper for 30 years too. A lot of people came here and bought the Darien Times for a long time. We used to sell 300 to 400 newspapers on Sundays.”
He then spoke about how newspapers and other things have moved to the internet and how that has affected businesses.
He then reminisced on some good times working there, saying, “Young people come in all of a sudden and say, ‘You’re still here! I bought candy 30 years ago.’ One person stole candy when they were young and came back 30 years later and paid me back.”
As for what’s to come after the store closes, he has a plan. “I’m a real estate broker. I’ve been doing it for 20 years. My wife runs the store, I do real estate. So now I will just concentrate on real estate.”
Kim finished by joyously saying, “I’m excited about my new journey, new adventures.”