It’s always good to remember that Darien local businesses need your support to survive and thrive, especially during quieter winter and summer months. But that need exists year-round.

Often those reminders tend to focus on restaurants and retail, but this week’s story on Johnny’s & Company is a reminder that shopping local means more than eating and shopping. It means continuing to patronize those local businesses that provide us other kinds of services — wine shops, hair stylists, hardware stores, florists.

Darien is lucky that it has many long-time families, familiar names and family businesses of all sizes. Frate’s, Ring’s End, Nielsen’s, Johnny’s Records, Johnny’s & Co. Palmer’s Market, (Chez) Ernie’s, Post Corner Pizza, Darien Sport Shop, the Goose, Helen Ainson, Darien News Store, Papa Joe’s — are all examples of long-time Darien favorites, among others. So many people move around and so many businesses seem transient. Johnny’s is an example of a local tradition that Darien benefits from — but only if we give back to it.

How many of us can take our kids to the place we got our first haircut? To the place our grandfather got his first haircut?

Think of your favorite Darien place or tradition — where, as they say, everybody knows your name — ”our places.”  

And remember that while they live fondly in our memories, they are also businesses that require more than our affection if we want them continue to make memories for our children in the future.