Last weekend’s sidewalk sales and family fun days in Darien were an exposition of all the town has to offer in terms of retail and restaurants. For a town that isn’t large, it is clear that one will never run out  of options when looking to eat or shop in Darien.

However, despite the crowds last weekend, the town lost a full day of sidewalk sales with Friday’s downpour. And though the sidewalk sales had a good turnout — many local restaurants and businesses are seeing the opposite on a more regular basis. Similar to some quiet times in the winter, Darien can often appear like a ghost town during July and August. And this summer seems to be quieter than ever.

It is important for Darien to shop and dine local during the quiet months — especially because, much like the winter, many Darien residents head for other locales when school is out. Summertime is great for Nantucket, the Cape or Rhode Island, or other areas of commerce, but it is not great for your favorite restaurant, gift shop, clothing boutique, or wine purveyor.

Stop in when you are home to visit — eat a meal out or buy a gift for a friend. These individual efforts can add up to keeping a business alive during quieter times.

Darien’s downtown and other retail areas are more robust in terms of options and offerings than ever right now. If you wants to keep it that way, make sure you support your local businesses, and recommend them to your neighboring friends as well.

Otherwise, when you return from being gone for the summer, you might find your favorite Darien places gone as well.