After a summer of anticipation, Blue Wave Taco, a self-described "seaside food hut,"  opened its doors last Wednesday, Nov. 1.

With a decidedly surfer-dude vibe, Blue Wave Taco first gave residents a taste of what it has to offer at one of Darien's Summer Nights concerts at Tilley Pond over the summer, with its food truck.

Located in the former Palmwich location not far from Exit 13 on 95, Blue Wave Taco is at 205 Post Road. The menu offers breakfast items including a burrito, sandwich, and quesadilla, and beef, shrimp, pork and chicken tacos. Also offered is a selection of meat or veggie burritos, nachos, sides that include street corn and beans, drinks and some dessert items.

The founders, who told The Darien Times they choose to remain anonymous, said "the concept of Blue Wave Taco was born on the beach, a culinary culmination of the life experiences of its founders."

The owners who are now Darien locals said their diverse background ranges from classic culinary training to private equity said they noted the "absence of the seaside food huts that populated the coastal communities they had grown up in."

"With Blue Wave, they hoped to capture the vibe of an adolescence spent on the beach — surfing during the day and strumming a guitar around a fire at night — and translate it onto the plate."

Blue Wave Taco hopes to offer a "beach party in your mouth," the founders said, which they said meant "the place practically named itself."

"The Blue Wave is Darien’s mascot. They get it. But to them, the Blue Wave is way more than that. It’s a way of life," they said.

Blue Wave Taco is open 8 to 8. More info or