Shea van den Broek is a three-sport star at Darien entering her senior season. We go inside the huddle with her to find out what makes her click.

What to expect this season?

"We expect nothing less than what we’ve had the last three years. We lost a lot of senior but we have a lot of underclassmen we expect to step up."

Scouting report?

"I’m someone who is pretty calm on the field, my biggest thing is knowing what the right thing to do at the right moment is."

Playing at Darien?

"The most important thing is the team chemistry. That’s part of why I play three sports, we’re really good at the sports we play but it’s also that the team chemistry is so good that it’s really enjoyable."

Being a three-sport athlete?

"I personally think that playing three gives em more to look forward to. Playing one, I wouldn’t necessarily get tired of it but playing three changes it up, I have something to look forward to each season. I like branching out and some things that I do in field hockey will help me in ice hockey and so forth."

Adjusting mentally?

“That’s probably the toughest part, I know this past year I think I had a total of three days off in between seasons but that’s what’s exciting if I end on a good note I get a new start with a new season and that makes it exciting."

Great coaches?

"That’s another reason I like playing three sports. All three coaches are great are what they do and have so much experience and have done so well in the past that it’s awesome to be able to get their coaching."

All those titles?

"I think I realize how amazing it is to be playing on such great teams because not everyone gets to win as much as we do so I think about that sometimes that it’s really big for us to be winning so much and getting the championships that we do."

Following sister Schuyler?

"I really like following in her footsteps. She didn’t play field hockey but I do really like for ice hockey I played her as a freshman and was on her line, so that was a really fun experience. I had watched her for so many years and then to finally play with her and then the next year I was on my own. I really like following her footsteps, she was a great player in hockey and lacrosse, so she’s a great example.”

Favorite class?


College plans?

"I’m going to Williams for Lacrosse in Massachusetts. It was definitely tough (deciding what sport to play in college).

Pregame meal?

"I always have pasta before ice hockey."

In the headphones?

"Any kind of pump up music is good. We always have locker room music for every sport."

Superstitions or pregame rituals?

"I actually don’t. I try to stay away from sueprstitions so I don’t get too worried too easily." @reportedbytheAP