52-acre Ziegler Farm next to Darien’s Great Island listed at $85M. Could the town buy it too?

DARIEN — A 52-acre parcel of land adjacent to Darien’s Great Island has been put on the market for $85 million, according to a local real estate office.

Known as Ziegler Farm, the tract of land was listed earlier this week by Leslie McElwreath of Sotheby’s International Realty. The property provides the “rarest of opportunities” to live in coastal Darien, the listing says.

Ziegler Farm has 14 undeveloped building lots, on a total of 34.51 acres. Those lots include direct waterfront access, water views or open meadows, according to the listing.

It also boasts 13.92 acres of open space on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, according to the listing.

In a statement, Darien First Selectman Monica McNally said the town is not currently considering purchasing Ziegler Farm. The tract of land neighbors Great Island, which the town Representative Town Meeting recently approved a plan to purchase for $103 million.

“The Ziegler Farm property is an interesting development in land available for open space or other alternatives, but at this time we are trying hard to complete due diligence and close open items on our existing contract for purchase of Great Island,” McNally said in an email.

The 60-acre Great Island property was marketed as the largest privately owned parcel of its kind on the East Coast. The town has not yet decided how it plans to use the property, which comes with nine buildings, including a 13,000-square-foot mansion.

Ziegler Farm and Great Island were originally packaged in a 110-acre offering, until the family decided to split it into the two parcels that currently exist, McElwreath said.

The properties are owned by separate branches of the Ziegler family, descendants of 20th-century baking soda magnate William Ziegler.

The Ziegler Farm tract was used to house the estate’s animals until the 1970s — which is why an old cow barn is the only building on the property.

“They’re basically what I call shovel-ready,” McElwreath said of the 14 lots, which are currently zoned for single family homes. She said the property will likely receive much interest from developers.

The property also has two private paved roads as well as electric, sewer and water lines in place, according to the listing.

It is accessible through Pear Tree Point Road and Long Neck Point Road.

“It’s very rare as you can imagine, for an offering like this to be on the market with the subdivision already approved and the utilities all in place,” McElwreath said. “That’s what makes this so unusual. And you know, very exciting to developers.”