Why do kids do the things they do and, more importantly, what we can do to ensure that we're raising responsible members of the community?

Jack Agati, expert on this topic, comes to Middlesex Middle School Auditorium on Tuesday, April 6, from 7 to 9 p.m. to discuss birth order and how your place in the family affects your view of the world.

This entertaining and informative program looks at the many characteristics associated with the various positions in the family. Parents will gain a better understanding of the styles of their children's behavior and how to avoid potential conflict between their own styles of behavior and those of their children.

Agati will identify many of the characteristics associated with the oldest, only, next to the oldest, middle and youngest in the family and look at better ways to use the positive characteristics of each position.

Jack Agati is a graduate of West Virginia University with a master's degree in counseling, has in public education as a counselor and director of student services, as well as in the private sector. He has taught college level courses, and appeared on television and radio and created the popular audio series "Why Do Kids Do the Things They Do?" He has more than 25 years experience as a professional speaker with a reputation for useful and relevant material combined with humor that makes learning enjoyable.

The program, provided free of charge, is geared towards parents of all ages of children and is sponsored by the YWCA Parent Awareness Network and Middlesex Middle School. Parent Awareness, which receives support from the Community Fund of Darien, is a YWCA program that promotes the healthy, positive development of Darien youth and families. Parent awareness is also a member of C.A.R.E. Darien and Thriving Youth: Connected Community: TYCC is a catalyst for developmental asset building through meaningful relationship experiences, skills and opportunities that benefit all our children. Questions may be addressed to parentawareness@ywcadariennorwalk.org.

The YWCA Darien/Norwalk is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving women the support and tools they need to transform their lives, be confident in their choices and raise healthy families. Their national mission, eliminating racism and empowering women, translates locally into a vision to create opportunities for growth, leadership and empowerment for all women and families.

For more information, visit www.ywcadariennorwalk.org or call 203-655-2535.