A 54-year-old Darien woman reported that two American Express cards a Connecticut driver's license and $25 in cash were stolen from her Chevy Suburban in her driveway sometime overnight on Jan. 2, police said.

The woman came out to the car on the morning of Jan. 3 and noticed that both the driver's door and the rear passenger door were ajar. She noticed that several items in the back seat and storage area had been moved. She saw that $25 was missing from the car, police said.

Two days later she noticed that the two American Express cards and the driver's license were missing from the wallet she told police she keeps under the driver's seat of the car, police said.

After checking her bank statements she noticed that separate purchases for $319 were made on each card. Police said the purchases were made at a Best Buy Express kiosk at the I-95 north rest stop in Darien. The incident is under investigation.