A woman walking her 11-year-old golden lab retriever in Sellecks Woods Oct. 24 told Darien police that a tall, white female, who was clad in all white, ordered her dogs to attack

The victim told police that the woman was with two large white dogs who were unleashed.

According to the report, the victim claims that as she approached, the woman told her she had bred and trained the dogs herself and that they were "trained to attack and kill people and other dogs."

"I'll give you an example," the woman said, according to the victim's account to police. At that point, the woman commanded her dogs attack the 11-year-old retriever, who the victim claimed suffered wounds to the head, back and neck and was bleeding, police said.

The attack stopped, the woman told police, when the other woman called off her dogs. The complainant sustained a wound on her left hand near her thumb, police said.

Following the attack, the victim told police she followed the woman out of the park and saw her get into a large black vehicle, but was only able to provide a partial license plate number, according to police.

However, the victim reported the incident to police two days later and when a police officer examined her dog, he saw no bite marks or any indication that it had been injured.

Additionally, the woman had a minor wound on her hand, according to police.

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