A 50-year-old Homestead Road woman received several dog bites to her face and legs trying to break up a dog fight when her pet was attacked by a black Labrador mix belonging to a neighbor, Darien Police Sgt. Jeremiah Marron said.

The Darien Animal Control Division is following up the investigation, Marron said.

The woman and a friend were walking the dog on a leash at 9 a.m. Friday, June 12, when the Labrador mix ran out of the house toward them, Marron said.

The loose dog bit the woman’s dog on the neck and rear legs, Marron said. The woman was bitten on the cheek, the thigh and shin on her left leg, and twice on her right calf when she tried to separate the dogs, Marron said.

She received medical treatment that night and her dog was treated at Norwalk Veterinary Hospital, Marron said.

The owner of the black Labrador mix said the dog got out when a construction worker was in the garage. The dog is up to date with shots and licensing, according to Marron.

Both dogs are under a two-week home quarantine required by state law for bite incidents involving dogs with up-to-date vaccinations.