DARIEN—The problem with winning—if you could call it a problem—is the constant growing of expectation year in and year out.

For the Darien girls lacrosse team, which has won the past five state titles and past six FCIAC championships, those expectations really can’t get any higher.

“I think each class feels the pressure to be successful and not be the class that doesn’t win anything,” Wave coach Lisa Lindley said. “And as each year goes by I think that expectations and pressure becomes bigger as we keep winning.”

The weather is doing little to help Darien meet those expectations.

Snow and rain have already canceled two scrimmages and postponed a game, meaning when Darien travels to New Jersey on Saturday to face Ridgeview, it will be at a distinct disadvantage.

“The toughest thing right now is the inability to play,” Lindley said. “…we have a really hard opponent on Saturday, so it’s tough going in playing against those out-of-state teams when they’ve had four weeks ahead of us.”

Luckily for Darien, it should be able to get by in the early sledding on depth and talent alone.

“We have four captains that are strong leaders and have been on varsity for a while, so they set the tone,” Lindley said. “I have a big junior class and a very talented sophomore class that in any year would be starting for me, but because of the depth we have they won’t see as much as they would in past years.”

Those four captains, Christine Fiore, Katie Ramsay, Emma Jacques and Kendall Wisinski should mesh well enough with an experienced junior class to be a their best when it matters most—playoff time.

“When we get closer to FCIAC and state for sure that experience I think gives us an edge over anyone that we’re playing,” Lindley said.

Fiore and Ramsay—who are both six-feet-tall should dominate in the faceoff circle—and juniors like speedster Katie Elders (the Hearst Connecticut Media Field Hockey MVP) and Shea van den Broek will provide athleticism and experience.

Talent isn’t really ever the question in Darien, what the season will come down to will be the ability of that talent to buy in to the system.

“This group has the ability to do really well,” Lindley said. “If they stick to the game plan and share the ball, I think we’’ll be really successful, if they don’t, we wont.”

For the Blue wave, It’s really as simple as that.

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