The Darien Police often receive calls from residents concerning issues with wild animals such as raccoons, possums, foxes and deer. When living alongside wooded areas, there are various creatures and critters that may wander through an owner's property at any time. Though it may be unusual to see some of these animals during the daytime, this in itself is not always a concern. In general, the police will respond to a call where an animal shows signs of serious illness or distress, such as erratic movements or constant falling down, mangy unkempt fur conditions or other distinct indications of illness or injury. Police officers have limited options when dealing with ill or injured wild animals and most times the animal will have to be "put down" and then disposed of by the property owner.

There are various wildlife rescue organizations in Connecticut, many of which are listed in the phone book yellow pages. Likewise, there are companies that specialize in nuisance animal removal when the incident is not a police-related matter.

Be safe. Be smart.

This series is in memory of former Darien police officer Kenneth Bateman Jr., who was shot and killed in the line of duty while investigating the activation of a burglar alarm at Duchess restaurant on Post Road on May 31, 1981, at approximately 3 a.m. Bateman, a seven-year veteran of the Darien Police Department, was 34 years old. His case has not been solved.

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