Volunteers and town team up to plant trees in Darien

Volunteers of all ages came out Saturday morning to help the Darien Pollinator Pathway and the Department of Public Works plant about 30 native trees and shrubs in the town hall area.

The trees were purchased by the DPP with a grant from One Tree Planted, a non-profit focused on reforestation.

The Department of Public Works supplied the compost, mulch and more than 300 feet of hose to help with watering.

“We are thrilled to have had such support today,” DPP co-chair Juliet Cain said. “It tells us that people understand that trees are a critical component in addressing the problem of climate change and want to plant more.”

The trees and shrubs included yellow, gray and paper birch, eastern redbud, swamp white oak and ninebark.

“We are hoping to hold more of these events so that we can start to restore our tree canopy which will help cool our town and slow down the runoff from storms,” DPP co-chair Deepika Saksena said. “As these trees grow, their roots and the surrounding soil will also absorb gallons of water and help mitigate the risk of floods.”

The DPP has incorporated an “adopt a tree” approach, which has volunteers choose one or two trees to water until established. This will help ensure that the trees thrive. Each volunteer was given a free native shrub and a t-shirt.

For more information about the DPP, to volunteer or to donate, email darien@pollinator-pathway.org.