NORWALK — A road sign in Rowayton was hacked to read “Trump 2020” and “Don’t Vote Joe,” according to state transportation officials.

The state Department of Transportation learned of the unsanctioned message on Monday after state and city officials received video of the hijacked road sign from a local resident.

Kevin Nursick, a DOT spokesman, said the sign was reset early Monday morning, and the vendor that provided the sign was contacted about the incident.

DOT employees are not suspected of being involved, Nursick said.

Nursick said the department will also be “taking additional steps to prevent unauthorized access to the equipment” in the future.

“I can tell you that these types of signs are utilized reliably on countless job sites across the nation, but it is nevertheless still unfortunate that this sign was hacked,” Nursick said.

City officials said the sign was left unlocked, allowing for someone to manually reprogram the message.

“It has now been secured and there should be no further issues,” Norwalk Communications Manager Josh Morgan said.

DOT did not signal if there would be any investigation into the incident.

Mayor Harry Rilling did not respond to request for comment.

The road sign was placed at the corner of McKinley Road and Highland Avenue over the weekend to warn motorists of a milling and resurfacing project along Route 136 in Darien and Norwalk over the next month.

The Rowayton resident who took the video of the sign declined to comment, citing the political tensions in the neighborhood.

In late July, Rowayton was embroiled in an incident where a “Black Lives Matter” banner raised by residents on a local fence was repeatedly defaced with messages like “Who Cares?” and “All Lives Matter.”

The residents who raised the banner were eventually asked to remove it from city property.