DARIEN — A car attempted to lure police into a high-speed chase late Sunday night.

Shortly before midnight on March 5, police received a report of a suspicious car parked at the Shell gas station at 805 Post Road. According to the tip, there was a person in the car, which was either a Porsche or Ford Mustang.

Upon arrival, an officer saw a car fitting the description speed past the gas station down the Post Road. The officer headed after the vehicle only to see the same suspicious car speeding toward him at 55 miles per hour. When the officer stopped at the Darien Sport Shop, the other car made a U-turn, once more sped past the Darien officer and turned right onto Ledge Road. The vehicle sped onto Interstate 95 but quickly exited back onto Ledge Road, driving past the police car once more.

The officer activated the squad car’s emergency light and siren, which were ignored by the speeding driver, who circled the median at the intersection of Post and Ledge roads before getting onto I-95 North.

Believing his actions were only causing the driver to drive more recklessly, the Darien officer decided to cease attempts to stop the speeding vehicle.

Early Monday morning, the same car was spotted again in the area of the Post Road and Exit 13 where the same officer was conducting speed enforcement. The car tried to lure the officer into a chase again by speeding by and revving the engine.

The officer gave out a description of the driver — a white man wearing a cowboy hat — to all patrols and agencies in the area. The man reportedly tried to bait police in Norwalk and Westport, as well as state police, into a chase.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

ekayata@hearstmediact.com; @erin_kayata