Darien’s annual Young Composers have been chosen — but this year, their concert is presented on YouTube.

The student composers selected to perform have the opportunity to have their compositions reviewed by a professional guest composer and discuss the creative process of music composition and opportunities for professional composers. During the course of each school year, the music teachers in the Darien Public Schools engage their students in composition lessons and activities as part of their curriculum and encourage participation in this unique opportunity.

Below is the list of composers and performers.

Emma Hesselsweet, Holmes, second grade — A Cat’s Meander (piano)

Elise Langer, Holmes, second grade — Summer (vocal and uke)

Katherine Au, Holmes, second grade — Golden Beauty (piano)

Aiden Clifford & Stellan Morgan, Ox Ridge, third grade — On the One (guitar&cello)

Drew Agarabi, Royle, third grade — How the World Is Forming (piano/guitar)

Kimball Atha, Holmes, fourth grade — The Brother Blues (vocal/piano)

Molly Cronin, Holmes, fourth grade — Syncopated Melody (piano)

Yu-en Wu, Brianna Qin, Chloe Kuo, Ox Ridge, fourth grade — One Day (vocal with acc.)

Morgan Leahy and Eleanor Matteson, Ox Ridge, fifth grade — Midnight Mist (guitar & violin)

Sienna Hall, Hindley, fifth grade — Scream Out Loud (solo vocal)

Jack Shaller, Holmes, fifth grade — Journey (guitar)

Charlotte Cowles, Hindley, fifth grade —Even Though

Gavin and Jack Wheeler, Holmes, fifth grade — The Iron Sea (piano&cello)

Caroline Clemow and Ashley Rogers, Ox Ridge, fifth grade —Summer (vocal group)

Marlowe Johnson, Sonnet Hegerty, Claire Willing and Vaughan Silcox — Middlesex Middle School, eighth grade — Etude #1 (piano)

Sriram Pankanti, Middlesex Midde School, eighth grade — Dance of Fibonacci (piano)

Eliza Sonnenblick and Amanda O’Flanagan, Middlesex Middle School, eighth grade —Fallen Angel (guitar & voice)

Anya Napoli, Darien High School, ninth grade — Want Someone (vocal & guitar)

Nick Condon, Darien High School, Fitch, tenth grade — Elements Medley