Darien students continue to connect virtually in all sorts of ways, especially the district’s music students.

Darien High School jazz ensemble recently performing “La Quema Del Diablo” together virtually.

It was prepared and edited by lead alto sax senior Matt Bergwall and freshman drummer Nikhil Talwalkar. The students did this performance completely on their own and surprised their teacher.

Mr. Jonathan Grauer is the Darien High School Jazz ensemble director.

Grauer told The Darien Times he was “so impressed and moved by the performance of my students.”

“I have missed creating music with all the band students at DHS during this quarantine and it was amazing to see and hear all the jazz students play together again,” he said.

“For them to want to put the time into a project like this says everything about their character and work ethic. The editing alone took 8 hours not to mention the time they took practicing and recording their individual parts. It was the perfect gift for teacher appreciation week,” Grauer said.

Darien schools have been eLearning since March 16. This week, Gov. Ned Lamont announced schools will be closed for the remainder of this school year.