DARIEN — Police arrested two women after they allegedly got into a loud dispute on Dubois Street.

On Nov. 4 at 1:51 a.m., police were called to Dubois Street on reports of two females arguing in the roadway near a 2004 Ford Explorer. Christine Lavin, of Bruce Park Avenue in Greenwich, and Rosie Dsouza, of Dubois Street, were separated but continued to yell at each other. Both appeared drunk and smelled of alcohol.

According to police, Lavin, 27, said she and Dsouza, 44, were driving when Dsouza began yelling at her and accused her of taking money. Lavin told Dsouza to get out of the car and Dsouza began throwing items out the window. Dsouza then contacted police.

Dsouza alleged that Lavin took $75 from Dsouza’s pocket. She then changed her story and said Lavin took the money off the counter of a diner in Stamford where the two had been earlier.

Police charged both women with breach of peace due to the fact that numerous neighbors had been disturbed by the dispute. Both women were issued misdemeanor summons at the scene. Lavin’s car was towed from the scene, as her license was under suspension. She was not charged because police did not see her driving the vehicle.