A Darien police officer uncovered an illegally owned firearm during a routine traffic stop June 17 for tinted windows.

Sheridan Webb, 20, of 4 Sedgewick Ave., Bridgeport, was arrested on charges of having a weapon in a car, possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended license, failure to return a suspended license and failure to have a tint inspection sticker.

A police officer pulled Webb over at 5:45 p.m. for having windows that were tinted too dark, police said.

During the stop, police smelled marijuana and conducted a search of the car, the report stated. He located 7.7 grams of marijuana and a loaded 9-mm Walther PPS handgun in the center console, police said.

Webb does not have a firearm permit, according to police.

He told police he had the firearm because he lives in a crime-laden neighborhood in Bridgeport.

The weapon was confiscated and its origin is under investigation, police said.

Webb posted $600 bond and is scheduled to appear in court June 27.