As Darien readies for a possible blizzard tomorrow, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said she has not made a decision on opening an Emergency Operations Center yet, but will have more information Monday afternoon.

• Blizzard warning — over a foot of snow could fall in area Tuesday

There are no plans to open a warming center yet, but she said she is in touch with Olive Hauser, head of Darien Human Services, and if the need arises, that might change.

Stevenson added that residents "should be very careful shoveling."

"Kids and anyone enjoying the snow need to stay out of the roads. Plows may not see pedestrians and will be working continuously trying to keep roads open,"  Stevenson said.

Other tips included keeping exhaust pipes clear, checking on vulnerable friends and neighbors,  keeping pets safe and warm, and helping the fire departments by clearing around hydrants in your area.

Other preparation tips include:

Stock up — Everyone does the milk, bread, and eggs run, but that's not the only stocking up you need.  Make sure your house is fully stocked with batteries and flashlights. If you have a generator, make sure it is in good working condition and has fuel ready to go.

Write it down — Write down where important items are kept, including fuel supplies, insurance documents, important utility numbers such as power and cable companies, the Darien Police non-emergency number and the numbers of loved ones and vulnerable neighbors to check on. If your cell phone is dead, you can’t use your phone book.

Enroll in CodeRed — Notifications are provided at no cost for all Darien residents. Town officials will send out CodeRed alerts related to any potential storm activity, evacuations, shelter locations, and other emergencies making it an essential preparedness tool to stay safe.

Those who have already enrolled to receive CodeRed alerts but have recently moved or changed telephone numbers can visit the Office of Emergency Management at and click on the CodeRed logo to update their contact information. Residents should sign up with cell phone numbers as well as home numbers to receive messages in the case of a power outage.

The town’s emergency message line is 203-662-5369. Darien’s Emergency Operations Center will only use this number during major emergencies to provide information to the public.